Styling Seed is a gentle approach to expressing your unique style and feeling awesome. It's a way for you to get that extra help you need to finally end those days of staring at a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear or walking out the door uncomfortable in your outfit. We'll make it fun, keep it light, and be sure to stick to your own style and budget. 

    Whether it's purging or shopping your closet, completing or finding an outfit, a thumbs up or down while deciding on a piece, I'll come in handy as your personal stylist. In the end, Styling Seed aims to show off your inner beauty on the outside for everyone to see. It's not about who you're wearing but how you're wearing it. 

    The mission of Styling Seed is to guide you to your root style and allow you to effortlessly grow with it into looking and feeling your best, regularly!  My purpose is to simplify your wardrobe goals, be your supportive shopping companion, and above all, help you express your truest style.

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